Control Houses

Control houses designed and fabricated by Panelmatic, are modular enclosures engineered to protect internal electrical equipment such as low and medium voltage switchgear (SWGR), motor control centers (MCC), variable frequency drives (VFD), relay and control panels, other mechanical and electrical equipment, personnel and more.
In the pre-fab modular building industry buildings are known by many different acronyms, and we have either constructed them or can build you whatever you need regardless of the name.

Typical Control House Acronyms/Names:

  • RIE – Remote Instrument Enclosure
  • RIB – Remote Instrument Building
  • PDC – Power Distribution Center
  • PCR – Power Control Room
  • PCE – Power Control Enclosure
  • IPA – Integrated Power Assembly
  • CEMS – Continuous Emissions Monitoring Shelter
  • E-House – Electrical House
  • Modular Control Building
  • Switchgear Building
  • Prefabricated Electrical Building

Control House Options/Services:

  • Sandblasted structural skid
  • NFPA 496 Purging and pressurization
  • Custom HVAC
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Shipping
  • Offloading
  • Site Installation & Service

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There is no other control building manufacturer in the United States that offers (4) four different construction methods, except Panelmatic. We manufacture your project to meet your specifications and budget. If size dictates, your building can be constructed in multiple sections. The sections can then be married on-site where the electrical and environmental integrity will be maintained. We can provide field service personnel for installation and startup. We are also experienced in dealing with multiple classification requirements that you may need, as well as state & 3rd party certifications and labeling.

Panelmatic control houses provide tremendous time & cost savings to the client in several ways. On-site installation costs are considerably reduced because equipment installation, power distribution, and control wiring are performed at the factory. Final testing is completed at Panelmatic, not on-site. Our clients can then come in and perform Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the completed unit. We can provide up to 480V power standard for testing capability and energizing equipment. Site construction can be done in parallel with the control building reducing overall project lead time. Panelmatic can supply you a turn-key, fully integrated and tested control house for a seamless job site installation.