What We Value

Welcome to Panelmatic. Leaders in the electrical market since 1957.

The Panelmatic Advantage

Since 1957 we have been known for our high quality, custom-built control packages, our comprehensive service, and our technological and manufacturing expertise. This expertise assures you of our ability to handle the largest and most complex packages quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to check our reputation. We'll be glad to provide references. You'll find that Panelmatic is easy to work with and your job will be

In Spec, In Time, and In Budget


You will receive the finished product that you want. We will work with you to ensure that your project is efficient, cost-effective, and meets all appropriate codes.

The design and workmanship will be top quality. Each phase of our process includes a check of the previously completed phase. This redundancy minimizes the chance of error. The result is consistent, high-quality control packages

With Multiple Locations, our cross-sharing of Resources - Guaranteeing "On-Time Delivery".

Working Capital to allow us to purchase material for projects and accept longer payment cycles.

Tenured Employees Not Uncommon for 30+ years at Panelmatic.

Panelmatic Methodology

As can be seen in our 'Who We Are', our customers cover a broad range of industries - wherever precise control is required. Because we are a fully integrated manufacturing operation, we are able to maintain total control of your project from beginning to end. Each phase of your project --- from Engineering and Design, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Finishing and Painting, Assembly and Wiring, Piping and Tubing, even Engraving and Labeling (nameplates, wire markers and graphics), Crating and Shipping --- is handled within our facilities by our own dedicated personnel.

We take personal pride in ensuring that your project is expertly managed every step of the way. You can expect accurate quotations and follow-up documentation, well documented change requests, good communications, excellent tracking and on-time delivery.

Our experienced engineers use the latest technology to assist you with design to your precise requirements in accordance with rigid industry specifications including ISA, NEC, NEMA, UL, CSA, ATEX, and Washington Gold Seal. We pay strict attention to detail in the functional layout of your components.


Your panel design should never be restricted to the standard sizes of stock enclosures. Our in-house sheet metal fabrication capabilities will custom build your enclosure of carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. All welds will be sound, doors will hang true, and the enclosure will be finished and painted or hand-polished to your specifications.


Uniform high standards are maintained by our experienced personnel. Quality, brand name components, neatly formed wire/tubing bundles, correct wiring connections, clearly visible wire markers, and legend plates are built into every job.

Stringent test procedures ensure that each part meets specifications and every job is in exact accordance with approved drawings. Every wire is checked for proper termination using correctly sized components, and for sufficient tightness of the connection, right lug, properly stripped. Where possible, all devices are energized to check for proper operation.


You can be assured that your project's operation in the field will surpass expectations regarding correct wiring, circuit continuity, and the ability to withstand time, temperature, and vibration. The Panelmatic label goes on only after the job meets our own strict, high-quality standards. Also, labeling for completed control panels is available per UL 508. Our staff has worked diligently to earn our reputation for quality and reliability. Maintaining that reputation is the ultimate goal for each person who plays a role in bringing your project to completion.

Panelmatic Quality

Every industry makes claims regarding QUALITY, but what does this really mean? We at Panelmatic believe that this means meeting each customer's expectations and providing each customer with value for their dollars spent.

Our highly trained staff inspects every custom project through each step of the process and conducts a complete final inspection/test prior to completion sign-off. Through this methodology we are fully confident in the accuracy of the final product, thus enabling the customer to spend far less time on check-out, installation, start-up, maintenance or down time [value for their dollars spent].

Because we service such a broad range of industries where precise control is imperative, our entire organization is dedicated to making this the best possible partnership between our customers and ourselves.

The people of Panelmatic don't just work here. Being an ESOP, we each own a part of the company. That's the reason we care so much about each job that goes out the door. From the order processors to the shipping department personnel who package your product when it is complete, all of our people are dedicated, highly trained and have extensive experience. That's why you can be sure that the projects that we produce for you are of the highest quality.

At Panelmatic, we have the people who can make things happen!


Panelmatic, Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality products and services in strict conformance to internal and customer requirements, in a cost-effective and timely manner. At Panelmatic, we strive for continuous improvement in the quality of our products, services, and customer relations, with the primary objective being ever-improving customer satisfaction.


Panelmatic has established, implemented, and maintains a documented quality management system (QMS); and endeavors to continually improve its effectiveness. ISO 9001:2000 was chosen as the base compliance standard for the QMS because of its status and acceptance throughout the industries that we serve.

In establishing the QMS, we have identified necessary operational processes and their applications throughout the organization. The sequence and interaction of these processes have been determined as well as the criteria and methods needed to ensure their effectiveness and control. We ensure the availability of the resources and information needed to support processes. They are monitored and analyzed, and action is implemented to achieve planned results and continual improvement.


Always in Spec, Safety Focused, and part of a great team

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