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Since 1957 we have been known for our high quality, custom-built control packages, our comprehensive service, and our technological and manufacturing expertise. This expertise assures you of our ability to handle the largest and most complex packages quickly and efficiently.

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We Build Custom Control Panels, Buildings, Consoles


We have produced control packages for many of America's top corporations in the chemical, environmental, food, pulp and paper, rubber, petroleum, pharmaceutical, glass, metals, and utilities industries. How can we help you?


The Panelmatic Advantage




Analizer Panels / Buildings

Panelmatic has integrated both liquid and gas analyzers; LEL, Ph, Continuous Emission Monitors, Gas Chromatographs.  

Blast Rated Buildings

We consider the the blast duration, PSI, overpressure, reflective pressure, and degree of response.

Control Houses

These modular enclosures are engineered to protect internal electrical equipment, personnel, and more.

Building Solutions


Pneumatic Panels

Panelmatic has been building pneumatic panels since the inception of using air for process control. Forty years ago, all panels were pneumatic. 

Power Relay Panels

Our control and relay protection panels are custom-designed and built to meet your exact specifications. 

Marshalling Panels

It is much cheaper, safer, and faster to do wiring in our facility then out in the field. Marshalling panels are a great solution to creating easy installation. 

Control Panels

Our panels can be simple relay panels or complex process control panels. We are experts in the layout and design of control panels. 

Control Consoles

Our consoles are built to last.  A console can be designed to suit any application, from a single station to multiple stations in various configurations. 

Control Racks

We fabricate power distribution racks, transmitter racks, analyzer racks, power racks, and PLC racks from 304SS, 316SS, and galvanized CRS.

Panel Solutions

Additional Products and Services

  • Container Modification

  • Custom Fabricated Enclosures

  • Pulpits

  • Compressor Panels

  • DCS Panels

  • Hazardous / Classified Location

  • Heat Trace Panels

  • Junction Boxes

  • Motor Starter Interface Panels

  • Shutdown Systems - SIS

  • Wind Power

  • Automation

  • Crating and Shipping

  • CSA Certification

  • Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Engraving

  • Field Service

  • Orbital Welding

  • Sandblasting

  • Tubing

  • UL Certified

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2020 Excellence in Manufacturing Award Winner

2020 Excellence in Manufacturing Award Winner